Kamenjoshi『Kamiya Erina ZAK THA QUEEN 2015 Gravure photo shooting』JUNKETSU

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Do you know The world of Underground Idol?

The Alice project of major underground idol office has enrolled talents who called underground idol more than 50 people.
Many of them did not pass to audition of major agent offices ,and once they were despaired of the entertainment industry or it costed too much to take lessons, they had no place to live in the industry.
Underground idol activities of such girls in Alice chose as the last whereabouts.
Now, we Alice are doing performances every day in the permanent theater that has capacity 400 people in Akihabara Tokyo Japan .(We have the live performances for several years more than 1000. It’s the best of the world.)

This daily documentaries show you their feeling of harsh, awkward, and mental conflict. But it is also telling you they just fight with these feelings to realize the dream, and support by their fans and relationship with staffs.

(Some extreme and expressions that can not be broadcast in terrestrial, although there, viewing attention of scene, to convey the real underground idol, please understand that we have broadcast dare on the members and consultation)

※What Underground Idol
They can hardly appear in the media because they are not famous compared with Top Japanese idols but now they are trying. So most of their activities are the live and events, called LIVE IDOL.

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